Blonde Hair With Brown Highlights Hairstyles

There are many ways to choices when it comes to adding highlights to your hair. If you have blond hair you can have brown highlights added to your hair as well if you have brown hair you can add blond or even caramel highlights added to your hair style. Today we will discuss different ways to get highlights and different hairstyles that will look good with your new color.

Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights Hairstyles

Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights Hairstyles

If I have blonde hair, can I really add brown highlights to my hair?

Of course, if that is the look you are going for you can have blonde hair with brown highlights hairstyles, people do it all the time to add texture and give themselves a new look. If you do add darker highlights to your blond hair, most of the time they are actually called low lights.

Some of the great ways to have blonde hair with brown highlights hairstyles are, a short bob haircut with a side flip, this makes your hair look great by combining the lighter and darker tones throughout the style. The next style is a medium length hair cut with bangs. This blonde hair with brown highlights hairstyle looks great with chunkier highlights throughout the hair it helps makes your hair appear healthy, strong, and shiny.

There is also a new hair style that is all the rage, keeping the end of your hair all blond and having a darker top. This hair color scheme seems to be popular with a lot of young celebrities today.

What other ways can you highlight you hair?

If you are a brunette you have many choices in highlights. You can go with many different shades of blond, and you can choose between 7 foils, 14 foils, or a full head of highlights. The hairdresser can help you choose what color would be best for you. Not only can you get blond highlights, you can also get caramel highlights as well. Some people even get blond and caramel mixed in together, this looks really good on girls with very long hair.

If you are feeling real daring, and want something real different you can choose among many different funky colors such as pink, red, orange, yellow, blue purple green or even white with colored tips. This is very popular with the younger teen crowd. To keep your highlights or low lights looking fresh and keep them as long as possible make sure you use a good quality product for color treated hair. If you take care of your highlights and low lights they may last longer and save you money. Most people need to have their highlights re done every 2 months.

I hope you enjoyed this article about highlights and low lights. If you are looking for a new way to spruce up your look, highlights are a great choice.